How the Jean Coutu Group Improved with Microsoft Dynamics

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Jean Coutu LogoThe Jean Coutu group is one of the most massive businesses in Canada. They run an absolutely huge and sweeping pharmacy network throughout the country and were experience breakthrough success. Of course with a company this big they couldn’t handle the massive chore of gathering all the date and using it to their advantage. They needed a solution like Microsoft Dynamics for that.

The Jean Coutu group acts similarly to many other large chain stores like Wal-Mart or Family Dollar. They have a massive amount of stores and employees and they ship product out to each store. The employees are expected to manage it from there so they can continue working on the core company.

Of course they don’t just have a huge number of retail stores. 400 is a large number but they also have a huge amount of other services they need to provide for their own workers as well. This includes everything from a support network for when things in stores break or stock runs out to warehouses. They also needed to make their delivery system more efficient.

They needed one system that could handle all of these requests for their company. They decided to not go with any Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and instead went with AX. With it they could manage everything internally from one system which would allow them to really speed things up.

They quickly installed this system throughout their company which was no small task at all. They had to spread it out to all their stores. This meant having 3,000 point of sale systems and 11,500 devices that ended up using it all together. However due to the easy integration of the system with other products they were able to do this without much trouble all around.

It also gave the upper management better visibility and control over there stores. For as long as organizations like this have been around they have had problems with individual stores underperforming or even wrecking entire areas. All it takes is one manager or team that simply doesn’t care.

They are also considering implementing it all over their company as a mobile solution. AX doesn’t have as many features online as some of their others. But they can still do it with some of the services or even add on the CRM version as well. That’s what is great about the suite as a whole because the systems integrate very well together and can use the same data with a bit of tweaking. You won’t have difficulty with getting them to work together at all.

The flexible architecture of the software is another reason that they have used it for so long. They can make small changes to the system to give people what they call a “RoleTailored” experience. This basically means that each worker has a special setup just for them with the information and options they need at every time. This is obviously useful since you don’t need to give every employee access to everything all of the time with your business.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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