How to not Misuse Social Media with Microsoft Dynamics

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Social Media FacebookSocial media is a powerful tool but both teams and individual employees can have problems with it. Since so many people can see it at once a minor flub can cause you massive problems throughout the entire world depending on how large your fan base is. In fact with truly huge companies you can actually ruin your reputation in moments by not thinking something out. Be careful with this and train your employees to use these powerful features in a responsible way.

Integration within the base framework is something you have to look at as well. Not only are there options for you to send information outside of the company many programs also have internal networks. While these can have a somewhat relaxed atmosphere people may start making jokes that are inappropriate. And inappropriate jokes lead to lawsuits even if you trust the people you are working with. Make sure that there are guidelines even within the company for how each employee talks to the other ones.

Membership management software often has social integration as well. If you have some expert programmers you could even find a way to integrate these two into one setup. You can connect to your customers on a network or even create an app which adds their information to your network. This can save you a lot of time and trouble when entering data into Microsoft Dynamics or other programs. It can also help you fulfill work quickly since the information gets into there so fast.

Disgruntled or very ignorant employees are the biggest risk factors here. Be careful who you give access to your social media. Those who are very upset about how they have been treated are likely to post inappropriate content. Those who have not been taught about what is appropriate will often make honest mistakes that are no less damaging to the company for them being accidental.

Education is one way to make sure that your workers do not use social media on Microsoft Dynamics, Facebook or anywhere else. They need to be given concrete examples of how they can lose their jobs if they make mistakes with racism or insults to the wrong person. Each employee needs to know that their careers are on the line when they put everything out into public. Even their off-duty work can prove problematic if they have references to drugs or wild parties and this gets brought up.

If possible you also need to teach them how to use it properly. For example they could promote local charities on there or tell someone about the good the company is doing in the community. Even a small blurb about how happy your workers are could help your image. All of these are essential to your marketing efforts because people like to feel good about who they buy from. They no longer just want to buy something and leave. They want to believe that their money is going towards other things that they can believe in as well.





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