How Trion innovated their Customer Management

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Trion Site ImageTrion does something that few companies do. They deal with employee benefits and help companies decide how to best give them out to their employees over time. They let people reach the best amount of benefits that will help them grow. Trion eventually decided to switch to Microsoft Dynamics in order to improve the overall workflow at the company as well.

Trion had a serious problem because their IT staff was overworked and probably in their opinion underpaid for the large amount of work they were doing. They were using the GoldMine CRM software which, as anyone in the industry knows, is not so good. It’s kind of the third party and sub-par sector of ERP programs. Not really used by any of the big names. It was driving them absolutely crazy. Their adoption rates and other productive areas were taking a big hit.

Even worse unlike Microsoft Dynamics it had very poor integration with MS Office and other programs that they were using. It was a huge pain for their people every day to try to get the two to interact well because they just simply were not meant to in the first place.

Their situation was unique and shows something you could do with your own company. Instead of simply adopting everything about Microsoft Dynamics they gave it to their outside sales consultants first in order to try out. This would allow them to keep using their original system until they found out whether it would work for them. However the response was immediate and their outside sales staff absolutely loved it. Automated workflows saved everyone tons of time on their projects and really helped them all along. They realized it was time to start putting it in.

Soon the company had put in Microsoft Dynamics CRM alongside a GP installation they also used. Over the time they managed to double their efficiency and greatly increase their workflow throughout the entire company. They were able to rapidly set everything up in a very short time without having to spend a ton of money on the entire project. It also helped them manage things as fund accounting software.

Their old system also did not have real-time feedback for their marketing programs. Now between their various systems they have multiple ways for them to get that feedback they so desperately need. It really helped them relate to and pick up more customers in the long run as well. They doubled their overall efficiency and made things that took four hours a week take 20 minutes a week. This was a huge benefit to them and really improved the company all around.

There is really no area here where the system did not improve the company in one way or another. While we can’t tell you whether you would experience this same extraordinary growth with your own company we would argue that it probably couldn’t hurt. There is a mountain of evidence supporting the idea that things got better with this simple addition all around. You should weight the evidence and decide.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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