How West Fargo Public Schools use Microsoft Dynamics

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West Fargo Schools LogoWest Fargo is a very interesting place. Anyone who has worked with school administration knows that keeping track of all the information can be troublesome. In a normal business you have to keep track of employee info and customer complaints. In a setup like this you have to track all that and huge amounts of information on each student as well. From allergies to problems with behavior everything must be tracked down to the last detail. They turned to Microsoft Dynamics in order to handle this.

With around 20,000 students and 1,500 teachers they had a fairly large school district. They realized that their current and very basic accounting methods just were not getting the job done. Payments were either too difficult to deal with or were slipping through the cracks here and there.

Getting additional funds with fundraising software is also very important. With their mission to educate kids it is quite normal for them to hold events like this. By having a system which can track these as well it is extremely useful. Microsoft Dynamics GP gives them a big advantage over any similar school districts also looking for funds from the public in general.

Their original need for this rose out of needing to create a useful and efficient system for employee contacts. They quickly realized that their current systems were not up to the task. However by trying out a new system they could very easily track all of this over time. In fact they were able to combine many of their systems in the human resources, financial and physical asset sectors after it was set up. They were on a particularly old legacy system that really did not meet any of their requirements.

When it was finally set up they found out that not only could they create contracts with Microsoft Dynamics GP they could also report their processes and needs to the government more quickly than ever. This increased efficiency not just in the sector they wanted to focus on but all over their school. This has really made things easier for those who manage their systems.

Timekeeping for hours was also much more efficient and worked with another setup which tracked substitute hours as well. Now those in administration know exactly how much they can spend on their staff to still have some money for other operations. In many ways even a school district has to be tracked like a business so it is no surprise when a system meant for business also works with organizations like this as well.

Those who need supplies for their classes can also now order and receive them very quickly through Microsoft Dynamics GP. This cuts down on one of the little frustrations that so many teachers have when they do not have the tools to get their job done in a manner they would like. With this particular addition they can now bring a new era of efficiency to their school distract as a whole and perhaps even expand it some.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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