HP Expands with Microsoft Dynamics

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HP LogoHP is a big name here but not globally. Yet. They are however buying up smaller companies and connecting them with Microsoft Dynamics so that they can have better oversight with them. As a result we are expecting them to get much larger and create more opportunities. This is the birth of a new world super-corporation and we are going to explore it with you today. If you are interested in any aspect of business this is probably worth reading for you.

The first thing they did was grab Arvato systems. They were a company with practices in India, China and even Singapore. This gave them a foothold into a large variety of countries. This is something which is very common in business so we are not at all surprised by it. We have seen it happen with many other large companies that wanted to expand and it has been effective there too.

They refer to this growth as that of their “Microsoft Dynamics practice” which not only involves using it in house but expanding it to clients as well. The idea is to create a network of sales and information which can tie them to many clients and workers. By doing this they hope to create an incredible chain of information and sales which will propel them far beyond their already significant success. Plans are to have it double in size over time and expand throughout the world. They will no doubt also be expanding fundraising software sales operations.

Upgrading from older systems is something they are trying to market to quite a few of the organizations they are involved with. This both helps make those they are working with more efficient and can make them some serious money on hardware. It’s obvious that they would want this and on some levels it is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Language and cultural differences are providing a barrier to their Microsoft Dynamics domination though. The upside to that is these programs can be configured to handle those with a bit of work. It’s not such a huge barrier that it will be causing them problems into the foreseeable future.

They already have a lot of investments in companies using Microsoft Dynamics as well so their foothold is significant. They are now a major competitor on the world stage everyone should either be working with or looking out for. So if you are working in similar areas take note. They can be a great ally or dangerous enemy to your own operations.

One of their flagship products will be a “Consumer Packaged Goods Distribution Channel Management” system. It runs on the framework you would expect and allows businesses to easily handle their trade operations in that area. They are also running programs with banks and automotive dealers. Anything that has a big money aspect they seem to be getting their fingers in. It’s clear to see what they are looking for in developing areas.

Even the government is being marketed to because they believe these countries will need systems for their own cities as well. This is probably a smart move because we have certainly seen a market for it in the developed world already. Who knows where this growth will end?



Author: Walter McDaniel

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