Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX successfully

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Install LogoMicrosoft Dynamics AX is a somewhat more complicated piece of software to install all around. However there are many precautions you can take in order to make the process go more smoothly. No one wants to have unexpected problems.

If at all possible make sure that you have a flowchart for your Microsoft Dynamics AX installation. There are many sites that have sample ones but you can also make your own. If you are in business chances are that you have created at least a few flowcharts at various meetings and such. The same principles apply here as with any other project that you would brainstorm about. Be sure to get both your normal workers and your tech staff in on the project. Many projects like this don’t implement everything that is needed because they are planned poorly which makes things harder for everyone.

Checking your hardware is something that needs to be done immediately if you have not. You need to have an SQL server and sufficient network connections to share data across your entire company. Processing power is also very important which comes with a need for sufficient cooling. All of these are major factors because your network is going to have to carry huge amounts of data over absolutely massive distances.

The drawbacks for failing to do that are massive. You not only might not be having the information get everywhere that you need it to be but you could have massive system failures. No company wants to have everything break down due to improper planning. If set up correctly it works well as fund accounting software.

Once you have the hardware you need to make sure you have all the software you need to feed information into Microsoft Dynamics AX. This could be anything from server processes to Microsoft Office feeding the information in. While installing it all may be easy things can get more complicated when having them all communicate. While the core products are designed to third party software may make things quite a bit more difficult. If you have any of these factors you should be careful when implementing everything.

Migrating your data from one server to a Microsoft Dynamics AX setup can also be very complicated. You will have to back up tables and have a secure way to transport everything. In this phase things can get very dangerous for your company as industrial espionage is not unheard of. If the information falls into the wrong hands it could be a huge problem. Security is something that is very important in all cases and you will also need controls in later stages as well.

When everything is finally set up right you also need to test it. All your systems need to be giving accurate information to all of the other ones in a timely fashion. If it isn’t set up well then you could have plenty of trouble with inaccurate figures later on in the life cycle. You need to be precise with your checks. If you are you should have no problem setting everything up.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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