Sunnyvale, California USA (HQ)

Incisive is the first to deliver its spreadsheet analysis and management solutions offerings as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and also as installable products.

Incisive Online is the industry’s first SaaS spreadsheet analysis and management software with Differential (Diff) Reporting, providing users with the ability to analyze two versions of the same spreadsheet. Incisive Online helps users manage spreadsheet risk for themselves, their departments and organizations. A free trial of Incisive Online is available at

Incisive Xcellerator is the premier spreadsheet analysis application that gives spreadsheet reviewers and management the confidence to make decisions on accurate data. Xcellerator combines powerful error checking and investigative capabilities to effectively analyze spreadsheets.

Incisive Validate is the leading spreadsheet auditing software to help companies proactively manage and monitor spreadsheet risk. Validate is a computer aided audit tool (CAAT) that seamlessly complements Microsoft Excel and provides auditors with the ability to quickly and easily review Excel spreadsheet data, such as formulas and logic. Validate helps authenticate information by identifying and managing spreadsheet risk and risk oversight.

All Incisive products comprehensively analyze spreadsheets to locate errors, giving users confidence in their spreadsheet information. The company’s online offerings complement the interactive installable products.

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