Integrating Skype with Microsoft Dynamics

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Skype LogoSkype is rapidly becoming the most popular video conferencing application on the planet. One day it will be integrated into every form of Microsoft Dynamics. Right now however you need to do a bit of tweaking in order to get it into a few versions of the program. Today we will talk about how you can do that and why you might want to. Depending on your situation it can be invaluable or might be a bit too much of a distraction for some employees.

There are of course risks to adding such a powerful communication tool. Some employees will be distracted by Skype so much that they neglect some of their other duties. A few may go so far as to use it to flirt with co-workers or have other inappropriate conversations. This is a risk you take when you use video with any company. If your workers are mature enough to handle it then you should go ahead and take that same risk.

Accounting software for non profit organizations does not appear to be connected to this at first glance. However Skype can help you get your information together for just such an occasion. You can create a network of people who can contribute within your company away from those who might complicate things. Just remember that you should only let certain people in on some conversations.

The latest addition to Skype has some definite uses for those with international operations: real-time speech translation. This will allow those with offices overseas to still communicate well. Of course it is not perfect and as with any translation program it will need some work. But down the road we may have a sort of universal translator for people. It may become a reality that only some science fiction writers had seen coming before.

So how do you go about actually integrating this program with Microsoft Dynamics? In some versions you can simply add a custom field with an embedded section to the program. It is as simple as that. In others you may have to tweak the code a bit to put it on each page. Either of these can be done by someone with decent experience with the program. This can be done in-house or by a contractor in order for you to save more or get specialized skills.

Another big reason to use it is that it is free unless you want to make a real phone call. You should already have a real phone for that though, so why bother? For daily communications it works just fine so that is what you need to use it for. All the basic functionality is more than enough for the daily flow of business to work just fine. Consider how it could improve the day-to-day operations where you are.

You can also share documents with this system so it is another option for doing that. Just be sure that you know who you are sharing everything with before you do so to maintain security.





Author: Walter McDaniel

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