JJ Food Service and MSD Analytics

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JJ Food Service TruckEcommerce portal integration is something that nearly every business is going to. JJ Food Service realized they needed it when they wanted to grow past their current point. Fortunately the MSD framework provides some excellent options for creating setups like this. We’ll go over why it is so important for businesses of all types to look into portal integration options today and how this company continues to thrive by using them.

JJ Food Service is the largest U.K. restaurant provider and for many years they had a call center for their orders. They went with this model because they wanted to keep some real customer service while still moving ahead with technology as well. It can be tough to keep a balance between real, human customer service and efficiency.

Their story is not unusual for many of the biggest companies. Growth led to a need for better data management. Of course in their case they also needed a way to learn about the market as well. Due to Microsoft Dynamics they can now get more information than ever in a variety of ways which we will talk extensively with you about.

At base level the most important reason Microsoft Dynamics is useful for a portal system is that it uses databases. One database can tie into all of your information. Which means a customer can make new orders, change personal information, and file complaints in one area. This gives your customer service team an incredible amount of information and saves them time that would have been wasted on simple problems. Then they can use that time to work on the really big ones.

Grant management software can also help them in the future as they grow. Having a bit of additional funding when you work with a company is very important. Since they have expanded massively in Europe we would wager that they will expand even further over the years. Pretty much every company which grows to this size ends up doing that. Therefore it is only logical that this one would follow the same pattern.

Machine learning was also an unexpected bonus for the company. While they were unfamiliar with this practice they quickly found out that it could be used to revolutionize their work. It basically refers to the fact that computers can process incredible amounts of data and make suggestions or even implement orders. Basically you could have a formula that says if a number is above or below a target the system should do X. This saves the workers a huge amount of time and effort. All of this data takes a lot of storage but MSD can handle it.

Another reason they needed the process is that their shipments are quite large. When one goes missing it is a huge amount of food that has vanished somehow. So in this industry, more than most, you cannot afford to lose packages for customers. There are those who would have decent reasons to steal this as well so tracking and security are absolutely vital for this industry. It’s the only way to keep people happy.




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