KMPG Acquires MSD Partner Crimsonwing

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Crimsonwing BuildingKMPG now owns Crimsonwing which is an IT company providing Microsoft Dynamics for many clients. Not only can they provide this service for new clients they can also give it to their internal members. This is a huge deal which amounts to around $30 million for the company after the acquisition. While this may not have much relevance to your company unless you would like to buy from them it is interesting for those who want to make a similar purchase.

After rebranding it will be called KPMG Crimsonwing and the various KPMG firms scattered around the world will manage it. MSD teams will also be combined and in order to create an incredibly skilled team which can handle any issues or installations. It’s a way to greatly increase the efficiency of the organization in many different ways.

The joint venture should turn the new company into an absolute business superpower. In modern times this is how practically all the big businesses of today get to that point. Buying or merging with other companies is the basis of contemporary business. We see it almost every day with company after company, both big and small. This is just another example of the practice.

Customer service should improve drastically with the larger team and responsive workers. While they certainly already had this, more of it is never a bad thing. On the same note we also see many companies buying others for this reason. Customer service is of course king in CRM and ERP as we have discussed many times in the past on this site.

Fundraising management software and other aspects are covered for the company when the time comes. What many buyers do not realize is that they get everything they could need in one place when they buy this. Partner companies also insure that you get an education in everything you can do with the software so it is quite useful in that way as well.

International expansion will be greatly improved by this. They desired new locations and can build them with the additional workers. We expect to see much more expansion when those are done as well. This company is growing in incredible ways lately. It’s worth watching if you are an investor as well because this may be a serious growth company over the coming years. It’s a big change for the company similar to others.

Obviously Microsoft Dynamics will be the cornerstone of this new organization and will be a major selling point for new clients as well. This allows them to manage everything internally and help their many customers manage their own setting. After all if you use this in your own business you probably know quite a bit about it from your daily work as well.

On a similar note the company also acquired Safira earlier as well. Now they are one of the largest MSD consultation firms (and other services) in the world. As such they are an absolutely incredible force in the ERP world and one that analysts will be watching for years to come.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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