Konnech, Inc.

Konnech, Inc.

OKEMOS, Michigan USA (HQ)

Konnech, Inc. designs and sells high performance software mainly as a service (SaaS) for governments, businesses, K12 school districts, and other organizations in North America. The company also provides technical support and training for all of its products and services with its clients.

Konnech, Inc was founded in April 2002 in Okemos, which is near East Lansing, Michigan. Since then, Konnech has become a leading designer of customized solutions in the election industry. The company’s products focus on emerging technologies such as mobile applications, voting security, and intelligent communications integration.

Konnech has developed unique web-based enterprise solutions called PollChief and ABVote. They comprehensively integrate management functions for election poll location, poll worker, poll asset, ballot online delivery, document managements, and secure and intelligent communications within election data warehouses.

The company’s focus from the beginning has been to exceed the customer’s expectations in both value and quality. Our mission is to equip our customers with technology that will enhance cost-effectiveness and productivity. We are able to customize solutions that fit particular requirements of our customers. We’re not just another vendor – each solution is designed, built, and tested by our talented engineering teams, and served and supported by our dedicated service and support teams.

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