Managing Events with Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics AX EventsYou hear a lot about event planning but people normally do it on a small scale. But what if your charity or business needs a huge event with equally massive planning? Then you may need to include some event management software. There are many ways to do this and even a few within certain versions of Microsoft Dynamics. Come learn why you may want to use it for your own next event.

When you think CRM and ERP software you do not necessarily think of event planning. However products such as Microsoft Dynamics have so many options that they can also work as events management software. This is because they can easily track workers/volunteers along with costs. It is especially handy for keeping track of costs that you did not expect.

So how do you make a system such as Microsoft Dynamics work for your organization in this capacity? First you have to figure out what you need to track. Do you need to track just your workers or do you need to track those attending the event as well? You can set up a custom program for each one. You may even need to find that you have to keep track of taxes for the events. This can also easily be done in such a useful system.

Charities especially need to consider whether this would be a good thing for them. Not only does such a system record individual donations at events but you can even keep track of auction items. Let us take a look at the anatomy of the event: First you can put in the estimated values of each item from an appraiser. Then put in each attendee with a summary of their buying power if they have it. Background costs from venues and workers can also be put in. Finally you can compare what you got for each item in relation to how much it was actually worth. In this way Microsoft Dynamics can bring efficiency to an event of any size.

This software is also invaluable during tax time. Is the IRS thinking that you did not pay all the taxes on a recent event? Whether you are a regular business or charity this can be a problem for you. With event management software you have a clear record for them. They can go through each one and make sure that everything is fine. Some owners might make the argument that they do not want them to have the information. If you do not want them to have it then they will make the process 100 times harder for you as many can attest.

Finally it gives you peace of mind that your event will not be a chaotic mess. Many events fall to this problem. We hope that you consider the many options that Microsoft Dynamics and similar programs offer to you when planning your next event. You may find that it saves you a large amount of time and a ton of stress.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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