Managing a Warehouse in Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Warehouse ImageWe’ve discussed that Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage a warehouse environment many times. But how is this done specifically? With such a powerful framework it can be a little confusing at first if you don’t have a clear game plan for all of this. There are so many different factors to consider here when you are creating your own setting for all of this. Unless you’ve prepared for everything you could miss out on some important parts of all this very easily.

Today we want to discuss the specifics as some other sites do as well. First you need to make sure you have the hardware to handle all this and the IT framework to share information. Your sales, marketing and management sectors should have some way to share the information. Otherwise you could see some serious problems along the supply chain at some point. That can be a real problem for anyone of course.

Integration is a huge part of this as well. You need to have everything tied together from your support center from the shipping. It all has to work together in a coherent whole which allows you to follow an item all the way from production to final shipping. This can be somewhat difficult unless you are using every part of the Microsoft software family to keep it all working together. Otherwise it can be very difficult. Even sales should be tied into this to avoid bottlenecks.

Let’s take a look at an example. If you manage food and ship huge items you can track an individual crate of food very easily with this. But why do you need to? Many reasons starting with the production. By tracking it there you can take note of how swiftly everything is moving and whether any are spoiled. Money is lost here quite often if you don’t pay attention to that.

In packaging you can lose shipments without taking careful stock of them. People will steal anything if they sure they will not be caught. Once it actually makes its way to the stores you also need to track whether your buyers are happy with all of this. In many cases without taking note of unsatisfied customers every other aspect is useless.

Grant management software is something else that AX can handle. Do not forget that this isn’t just for managing shipments. Flexibility matters in this industry as much as anywhere else. With AX you can customize it for any big changes that hit you as well.

All of this can also help you create partnerships around the industry. Ones that will help keep you afloat even when you are having trouble with others. So make sure you use every sort of integration you can in order to build those relationships as well.

Finally a network allows you to properly manage all of your warehouses across a country. If you have a really large business then this is absolutely vital. It lets you keep extra stock and also make sure that nothing slips through in the long run.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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