Many Rivers and Microsoft Dynamics

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Many Rivers LogoMany Rivers has an unusual name but it refers to the fact that they are a non-profit organization that helps new business owners improve their overall operations by giving them help in setting up their overall finance and also getting them loans when they need them. In both cases Microsoft Dynamics helped them serve their clients better in a huge number of ways. We will go over a few for you today so that you can decide whether the same technology would be a good fit for your own company.

Many Rivers was a company which helped others grow but at the same time was in the need of their own growth. They needed to expand to 40 field officers over the years and create a central data bank which would make everything much more efficient for both those who are administering their services and those who are benefitting from them. In both cases they looked around for a solution to these problems.

Grant management software is something they need to help clients and for some of their own projects. Since they handle all aspects of finance this part of Microsoft Dynamics can prove very useful for them in a large number of capacities. Not only could they help select grants for clients they could help them plan how those same ones would be funneled through their system as a whole in order to properly set everything up.

After considering the needs of their clients they decided that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best possible choice for those who needed it the most. With it they could not only track their clients on individual need but also assign loans and payment options to keep their own organization running very smoothly.

Due to the ease at which they could integrate everything with their current office plans it was not very hard at all for them to get it set up and working in short order. With this came the ability to grow their organization with new field agents and support more people than ever before with their programs.

Documentation processes were cut down immensely since Microsoft Dynamics made everything easier. Down the road they can also make it easier for clients to apply for these same loans on this framework.

Managers could also now plan for the future of the organization more efficiently and determine whether their money was being spent in the right places after seeing results. With this not only could they grow but the companies which they help could grow as well and their full impact is something which we will have to study down the line when figures come out.

At any rate they continue to help small businesses in local Australia to find new ways to work. They do not discriminate and want to create a country in which everyone who is looking for that small business dream can actually end up getting everything they need in order to create a flourishing small business anywhere in the area.





Author: Walter McDaniel

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