MDAX and Ashely Furniture

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Ashley Furniture StoreAshley Furniture had very successfully been selling to other retailers in their area for some time. They had done so to huge funds at a low cost to themselves but deep down they knew they were leaving some money on the table. They decided to create some very large and impressive stores of their own in order to handle everything. They eventually became the number one retailer in the United States and chose Microsoft Dynamics to stay on top.

The company first tried out their own ERP system that they built in-house. While it was catered to their needs it just did not have the power they needed. This was no surprise as they had been using it for literally 11 years. Things had changed a lot in that time and their sales were being bogged down. Ashley Furniture also had no way to share this system across the country either. Association management software was another part they needed to update.

They needed a system that could be expanded cross the country and eventually across the world. Many choices were offered up for this but Microsoft Dynamics was the one that looked he best. They had considered Oracle retail but the cost and source code were both troublesome for the company. A multi-language and currency system was also needed in order to make sure everything ran smoothly.

Eventually they decided to go with the Microsoft Dynamics solution in order to solve all the problems that were coming up as they spread throughout the country and world. They started rolling things out China. These were test stores for them that allowed them to see how things were going to go. It worked fairly well for them.

Now they have to move into other parts of the world and company and they are currently planning for it. They have multiple teams set up in order to plan with and distribute the various parts of the system.

Ashley Furniture also had a plan they liked to call Omni-Channel Retail. In this way they want the system to cover every part of the business. This includes things such as in-store checkout to marketing planning for more people. Bringing in customers who they have not had before in their stores. They think that their system is delivering on it so far.

Their back-end systems were also improved greatly. When dealing with such large and expensive items this was a major consideration for them. They also needed a way to speed up getting stock to the people who wanted it the most. All of these points worked together in this way.

Due to the Microsoft Dynamics solution efficiency improved in every part of the company and they are still one of the largest chains in the United States. One day it seems likely that they will be one of the largest chains in any part of the world. While that day is still a bit off it is very possible for them. Could your company benefit from the same improvements that theirs did? We think so.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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