Membership Management and Integration

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Membership Management TableIntegration is something that many businesses as well as charities work for. For Microsoft Dynamics this comes easy. However if you have another system you may have some trouble. We will discuss your options there so you can figure out whether to stay with what you have or switch. Whatever you decide should be the best thing for your people. You can however most likely guess which decision we are in favor of this site. Hint: it starts with an M.

The good news is that all programs from all companies are moving towards integration. It’s no longer just one business sitting with their arms crosses yelling into the air. Not playing nice with others. Even those in the same business are working together. This is good for customers as long as competition remains stable. When businesses get too comfortable with one another it can lead to some serious problems with setting prices for us all.

Membership management software comes in many different varieties and as usual not all of them are created equal. These aren’t people after all, they’re programs. The Microsoft Dynamics framework automatically works with the core programs that the company has such as Office 365. It also has many apps that can be tacked on in order to add more functionality. You do also have third party options in this area.

While you have them they are not always the best choice. You can never be sure that any of these will work right with your other programs. In fact you may come across conflicts which you had not expected. New bugs may arise due to the interactions. The only upside to this is that they may end up being cheaper than other solutions. You get what you pay for most of the time though.

Giving your customers a way to add themselves into your Microsoft Dynamics membership management systems is also an option. Many different companies have options for this either on their sites or through an app. The customer simply signs up and is added automatically. This saves everyone quite a bit of time but you also have to prune entries of people causing problems and such. This is usually a decent tradeoff for the convenience.

You can of course integrate specific apps with the Microsoft Dynamics framework. These will usually tell you what they are and allow you to have some other options beyond that. The drawback of course is that many of these cost money. They aren’t simply going to give you the additional functionality for free, as you might expect. You are going to have to pay for it. A few of them do give free features but many of those are just there to entice you into buying a new edition.

Whichever route you decide to go with make sure to weigh out the price and performance you are getting. You may have to search for some time but should eventually find a proper setup for your own ERP system as well.



Author: Walter McDaniel

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