MESA Associates Improve with MSD

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Mesa Associates Inc LogoSomeone has to build everything that other people use from buildings to utilities. So where do governments turn? Places like Mesa Associates, Inc. where some of the greatest architects in America come together with engineers. While they are not so unusual in the area it is clear that they have put forward some amazing work across the country. ERP was a big part of this for them because it allowed them to manage every project down to the last detail.

One factor which sets them apart from others is that they focus on their core staff members. While they make millions every year their internal workers are said to feel like family members. Some customers even feel the same way. It’s a much more personal approach to design than you normally see when dealing with engineers. Just due to how the industry is there is often a lot of cold, clinical work normally.

Building the future is what they do at Mesa Associates, Inc. with huge projects coming in every day. As you might expect Microsoft Dynamics AX was the clear choice for them here. Since the amount of materials needed for each piece of work was significant there could be some difficulty in shipping without an organized system. Dozens of other companies also use this very same framework for their own projects. It was the clear winner.

Growth was the main reason they ended up moving to Microsoft Dynamics AX. As with so many other companies increased consumer demand and overall growth were important factors. They had a legacy system that had worked for a while. However it had been designed with engineering in mind but not really ERP. It wasn’t going to continue working for them in a newly competitive market.

Ease of deployment was another big bonus for them. Because it allowed them to quickly and easily manage the installation. As with so many other companies this all came together in order to keep them working efficiently. As a smaller company compared to some big architecture firms they want to stay small and flexible as well. It also allowed them to manage each client efficiently.

Membership management software matters quite a bit for tracking their huge clients as well. They never know when a massive building could be their next project. And when it comes to things like this each item needs to be built to last. Otherwise people could actually die when a building fails or falls apart. That would at the very least lead to them going out of business in short order. At worst it could mean someone dies. Quality matters here more than normal.

Customization was also very important for them as well. Since they had so many other special options with the old system they wanted new settings as well made just for the company. Due to the highly flexible nature of the MSD framework this was easy to set up for them as well. It’s a big reason they continue to thrive today as well since they received everything needed from this.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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