Micro DataNet

Micro DataNet

Cranford, New Jersey USA (HQ)

Who We Are

Micro DataNet (MDN) has been a trusted partner to businesses, organizations, and agencies, small to large, for over 25 years. We are a technology consulting firm, specialized in financial and operational systems our clients depend on to run their operations, customized as needed, on premise/local, cloud-hosted, integrated, and connected.

What We Do

Services – Top-to-Bottom, End-to-End, Consulting & Support

Software – Front-to-Back, Smart, Optimized Solutions

Faced with intense competition and rapid change in today’s global economy, businesses must look beyond the basics of simple survival. Management must plan to have the aim of growing into market leadership, of being on the cutting edge of service, efficiency and technology. This requires a high degree of organization—and support—that‘s where we come in! While you know the intricacies of your business, MDN can provide the solutions and know-how to ensure that you can grow securely and confidently into the future.

MDN Provides

Discovery, Needs Assessment, Project Management, Implementation, Customization, Integration, Documentation, Training, Support, Web, and Social Media / Marketing Consulting.

Where & When?

MDN delivers—anywhere, anytime—with a team of experts, expertly managed. We deliver software and services where and when you need them; on-site, in-the-cloud, hands-on during the business day or via remote access and web-based collaboration, to afford you the most efficient use of available resources and time. We even deliver overnight and after hours, when needed, for you to experience minimal impact on the working day.

Micro DataNet = Team MDN!

We are a team of accomplished professionals. We are experts in everything from down-in-the-trenches daily tasks, to the highest level of corporate, financial, and logistics strategy. Our staff of trusted, proven individuals contribute specialized skills as needed.

What makes us Different?

We listen and we prove it. We earn trust and confidence as your partner, consistently over time. We grow with you. Talk to any of our clients; this is what you’ll hear: Micro DataNet actually delivers on that time-worn and often-abused term of “partner”. As your partner, we hear you, empower you, support you, and anticipate what you will need next! In this manner, we have delivered peace-of-mind, since we opened our doors.

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