Microsoft Announces Azure Government Updates

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Azure Government LogoWith a new era of technology from Microsoft comes a new way to handle software, the Azure Government cloud. With processes designed specifically for government organizations this special aspect of management promises faster speeds than ever for the massive amounts of data which are being processed. Obviously this also applies to the fact that government agencies often need this much more than others as well.

So what does all of this constitute? Basically it is a series of customizations for those who use this specifically for government operations. With accounting set up for complete accuracy and options for grants and taxes everything is made for the government. It also works perfectly with the custom Office 365 that government agents are offered as well. All of this integration and customization leads to a cleaner, more efficient overall interface for everyone involved.

Microsoft announced this new initiative recently and started their massive marketing efforts in this direction as well. You can find out about it on their official site as well. CRM writers all over the world are taking note of this very specific variation of the program. If you work for or with a government organization this may turn out to be exactly what you need in order to finally organize everything to the fullest extent possible.

Flexibility is another keyword of the release because it is supposed to be so easy to use that pretty much all public servants can use it. That’s another basic idea since not all of them can afford the extensive training needed to delve into the deep end of the Microsoft Dynamics pool.

Interestingly enough this can also be used as fundraising software for them as well. Many branches of the government have fundraisers for disabled or retired members. Therefore it can come in handy both for those at the state and federal level who want to help their people in different ways than just giving them a paycheck and some benefits as well.

Information safety is also extremely important in this setup so they have additional safeguards for the cloud and physical protection as well. Since the information which the government holds could literally ruin someone’s life they cannot take any risks on it getting out there. Government authorities have also checked these in order to make sure they are of quality and have found them to be very good.

Many state governments are already using this, Alabama and Texas for example. Whether they are using it simply to track finance or handle every aspect of their correctional system they have already seen some very real and significant improvements to their overall systems. Time-sheet management is just one of many features this system improves.

For those in business who want to use this you should probably look elsewhere. This is because this particular setup is only for government employees. You can of course get similar results from other partners but these probably wouldn’t fit your installation anyway. There will of course be custom settings for your sort of establishment down the road as well. So keep your eye on the news here.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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