Microsoft Dynamics and Cloud CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sample ScreenThe “Cloud” idea is the new buzzword in the technical community. So how does Microsoft Dynamics relate to Cloud CRM? We want to explore that question in-depth in this particular article.

The main reason for this sudden focus on web-based and cloud computing solutions is the boom of the mobile market. A huge number of people these days use their smartphones for massive amounts of business. That is why everyone wants to have an “App” for their business. That is also why web based crm is becoming a hot topic. Not only do we want to get all our information there we want to learn from our customers at any time.

Microsoft Dynamics, depending on the version, has varying levels of access for this. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 has quite a few options in this area making it a very good choice. In fact you can get data about any of your services on any company-approved mobile devices around the world.

But what causes this desire for getting the information at any time all over the world? There are a great many theories about that. Let us put forth our own view about it and see what you think. The first demographic that demands these are workaholic members of companies. Everyone has met someone like this who constantly has to check how the projects are doing or see e-mails. This helps people like that get peace of mind or indulge their obsession in a whole new way. They can see every detail of the costs and benefits.

The second theory is that the world has started moving faster in the modern day due to the availability of communications devices. You can talk to your best friend instantly anywhere in any part of the world. Speed can often be an edge in business so a Microsoft Dynamics that gives you more speed is absolutely great for this. Many people also feel ill at-ease if they do not have things promptly in the modern era. Whether this is a good or bad thing is best left to philosophers but it is an unavoidable truth in the modern business world.

An intangible point that is always there but rarely noticed is that having a Microsoft Dynamics CRM web-based access point is cool. It’s cool to tell customers and associates that you’re going to go “check the cloud” to find the latest information. It makes employees feel like they are on the cutting edge of technology which in many ways they are. It also helps the image of the company from the outside.

The final reason for choosing a CRM program of this type is that many of your customers deliver information or even purchase from you online. It just makes sense that your collection of that information would have an equally fast web delivery system to you. In prosperous times you may find that such a thing is essential. We hope we have explained some of the mystery behind the popular web based CRM.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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