Microsoft Dynamics and Commvault

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CommVault DiagramCommVault is a major organization which helps other businesses improve their data sharing capabilities. Their clients include both other major businesses which use Microsoft Dynamics and charities which can benefit from the program as well. They create an environment in which companies move data more efficiently than ever before. It only makes logical sense that they would use a CRM system that does the same for their own company. In this case they truly are practicing what they preach to their customers.

The company had seen an explosion in popularity due to the fact that companies needed efficient data more than ever before. They were being swamped with requests on their Oracle RightNow system that just was not working out for them. As such they began looking around at other solutions for their business. They looked through many partners before they decided to go with one.

Cost was one of the many factors that Microsoft Dynamics CRM had in its favor. It could be bought and deployed for less than many of their other options. This could also be done on a scale that would still be useful for the company as well. If you are looking at price in your own setting then you may want to look into this as well. Saving money is just one of the many factors that causes people to choose this framework.

Fundraising management software can also be improved with data management from CommVault. They keep track of clients that need their services with Microsoft Dynamics then tell them what the best solution is for handling their needs. In some cases this may be the very same program that the company was just using as well. Whatever works for the customer is what they suggest.

Due to this increased efficiency they now have around a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. These numbers are unreal in the industry so it is clear that something is going right with this. In any case it is important to take note that they have been able to continue with this success due to the Microsoft Dynamics family. Who knows what would have happened if they had not switched?

They are now have been expanding internationally for some time and the easy deployment of the system has helped with this as well. Their old system would not have been able to handle it but this one can do so very easily. Now workers all over the world can put their heads together in order to improve projects on a massive scale.

They also had to spend less on consultants since the system was so easy to set up, right out of the box. For this reason they could focus on the more important aspects of their business that made them money instead of talking with waves of consultants in order to fix a system which they were sure that they needed to get rid of anyway in the long run. All of these factors came together in order to create their current success.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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