Microsoft Dynamics and Local Option Sets

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Local OptionsMicrosoft Dynamics is probably best known for having quite a lot of local options. You can change the individual attributes of each team or order as you see fit. You can also exclude sets from global rules which might not be appropriate for all products. Today we want to discuss the flexibility of the local options this program has.

But first what are local options? These can be anything from local attributes to any other kind of metadata. Things you would expect such as designations for specific products, teams or licenses. You can set any type of amount or name for these that you want down to the smallest factors. This specificity is quite important as local options are handy for any grants management system.

So let us take a look at the Microsoft Dynamics local options in basic terms. A new team needs to be created and assigned to a new product. They need the marketing data from a new marketing team at your startup. With Microsoft Dynamics you can gather all this information in a few moments.

First you create a project with a budget and any other specific qualifiers. All of these can be changed on the fly as the project grows. Then you can use the same framework to set budget parameters for your marketing team. You can also monitor whether they are going outside of these on the fly or add new people. This framework also makes it easy for information to be shared between the sectors of your company.

So what form do these local options take? There are a great many to choose from so let us take a look at each individually:

Attributes are simple sets of data that can be changed. Most often these are numbered amounts corresponding to money, project dates or other modifiers. They are quite easy to alter in Microsoft Dynamics.

A Lookup Value is just what it sounds, something that your database can look up very quickly. This particular type of value is extremely important for projects that need a lot of data. With a Lookup Value within such data your team can pick one data point out of millions of entries. This can be absolutely essential in many projects.

State values can also be used to change data that needs to sit for a bit, or pieces that change several other when they are changed. These are essential for projects where rapid change to see results is necessary.

Of course all of these options can also interact with the Microsoft Dynamics global option sets. They can change each other back and forth until you have a perfect project set up. Much of this can also be done automatically once the system is properly set up. This saves a lot of time and effort for your people.

The most important thing to remember is that these are powerful tools. You need to keep track of the data and flesh out errors, as one mistake can lead to a downpour of them. Good luck with your organization work.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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