Microsoft Dynamics and Mays Mission

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Historic Mays Mission Founding PictureThe Mays Mission for the Handicapped has a tall order. They have to handle requests for support from the thousands of handicapped people in need under their coverage area. Of course there are many more than that worldwide but even this is a tall order. They needed an incredibly powerful system so they went with the big brother of the family, Microsoft Dynamics GP. It has the sheer power needed to cope with the massive demand they experience.

The establishment itself has been around since 1967 and has helped a huge number of people. Their main focus is on helping the disabled but they also give scholarships and “camperships” for kids and some adults to enjoy the summer together. For them it’s all about quality of life for those who are handicapped. This is something just about everyone can get behind and therefore they have seen some massive success.

Donor management software is extremely important because there are a large number of people who want to give money to a cause like this. They get a huge amount of support for those who are parents of handicapped children or have other families. In this way they can keep afloat even in the highly competitive charity scene. The fact that they have a discount for the services from Microsoft Dynamics makes it even easier for them to handle all of this.

The company went with an internal version of the setup to keep their data secure. After all no one wants data on those who are already handicapped getting out. It would be an absolute PR disaster for them if personal info leaked out and they ended up hurting the people they need to help. So they continually update their technology to make sure nothing catastrophic happens.

They knew that setting up Microsoft Dynamics GP was going to be a tall order for them without any training. Therefore they worked with a number of companies who were eager to support the charity in order to get it all set up. If you have some like that in your area you could find that the process turns out to be extremely easy with their help. Check around to see what people have to offer you right now.

In the modern day they can now help more people at a lower cost than ever before. Camps are organized better so that everyone knows where they are going and at the right times. They always have the funds to cover anything they need due to increased efficiency. In difficult economic times they were still successful because they were run so efficiently.

They also went with a cloud addition to their Microsoft Dynamics GP to make sharing across the organization much easier. Many people do not realize that many of the features in other forms of ERP can be added to one or another with a little tooling. This tooling of the program has become even more popular today with far more applications that people are using. It’s quite amazing to see.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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