Microsoft Dynamics and Megaman

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Megaman of Hong Kong has a somewhat strange name in English but has come out with some incredible results over the years. Part of this is because they used Microsoft Dynamics to handle their growth over time and really improve their competitive edge in the area as well. Due to all of this you can be sure that they will continue to grow. So how did they reach this point? Their story is not so different from many of the other ones that we have talked about but it is no less important for it.

Lighting is the name of their game in what is a very massive industry. They have been around since 1994 providing lighting solutions from lamps to larger installations all over the area. Cooperation with nearby organizations allowed them to grow massively alongside this developing country and they are set to improve. Unfortunately they were not seeing the entire picture from their clients and therefore could not give everyone the service which they needed to. Now they have spread out to 90 countries all over the world with their exporting.

Grant management software is another valuable option in a country that is trying to improve business all around, China. There are many ways in which they can get additional funding from both their local area and sources all over the world. Tracking all of this can be really difficult because you have so many options and it can get a bit bewildering. As such automation can actually work everything out.

Personalization of service was yet another reason that they decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics. With the new analytical systems they could track what was working for most of their clients and make changes accordingly. After all not everyone needs the same amount of product or even needs it on the same schedule so this is a valuable addition to their overall business strategy as well.

They had been using an SAP system which was not managing to push their growth forward. Even in their local region they could not properly organize the shipping of their products. They knew they needed something more in order to show the world that they had the expertise to move forward. Usability was also another big issue as the usability of this system was a big hurdle for many of those in their industry.

Both managers and sales staff were confused about where to go. Fortunately Microsoft Dynamics cleared all that up as well. With the powerful, unified approach to customer data all the workers could get the information they needed in real time. They could now make snap decisions based on the latest info that came into their corporate headquarters. Due to this they now have the perfect picture of where to go in each different situation.

In the modern day they now have a business that makes sense and also have sustainable practices set up by Microsoft Dynamics. As such they are now one of the best companies in the country and can maintain everything fairly easily. You would do well to learn from their example.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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