Microsoft Dynamics and Social Insights

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Microsoft Dynamics Social InsightsThe Microsoft Dynamics system has been pushing for social integration for some time. Today we want to talk about the strategic alliance with InsideView and some other features that they have put in in order to improve their setup. It appears their current strategy is to create partnerships with other companies in order to improve their core product. This is a bit of a departure from buying out previous companies.

Their first avenue of attack on competitors is to offer industry templates that are fitted to each of their clients. They will have set processes for every type of business. This can save you time all around because they have all the work done for you.

Social Insights is the name of a new feature on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. InsideView is providing this. They offer a system which beefs up the already significant system by adding quite a bit of new features. It helps you look over your social metrics and gain unexpected insights from this. We imagine that this system adds quite a bit to the overall system. This social management also beefs up the system as association management software.

Unfortunately this system does not come free. On-premises licensees do not get the full package. You would have to set up a hosting package with Microsoft itself if you want to get all around functionality. This is to encourage people to get the full system from them. Of course you can always pay extra in order to get it but that may not be acceptable for some people.

You can of course get all these features from the side companies. This allows you to make agreements with them on the side and save money in the long run. This is something that we did not see in the past. It looks like the days of Microsoft running people over are gone. Instead they’ve decided to relax their restrictions and allow people to create things.

The only problem with all these promises is that both companies are offering up vague ones about increased profitability. InsideView promises up to 50% more qualified leads. But 50 percent more than what? Better customer connection and much more are all being promised. Of course it remains to be seen whether these social programs will actually translate to that in the long run.

Our guess would be that you will see more or less utility from these programs depending on your overall industry. Some industries, such as the technology one, are driven by things like this. Others like farm hardware and many others will benefit less from things like this. You should talk with an analyst and not get sold on a product before you figure out whether it will pay off for your particular industry.

Stay with us as we will be watching for how the core company integrates further options down the road. It looks like many more companies will be partnering with the MD family over time. Find out how each one can benefit your company by staying with our blog and learning more.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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