Microsoft Dynamics and SPIE

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SPIE gives scientific researchers in the fields of optics, photonics and imaging a huge number of tools in order to complete projects. Members pay in to gain a wealth of scientific knowledge and reap the benefits all the time. Unfortunately they realized that their systems were not working as well as they needed and as with so many other companies slowly saw that Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the best solution to their IT and CRM needs.

Not only do they provide sheer information but they also have publishing and event operations which were becoming quite a handful for the staff. As such they slowly realized that they needed more hardware in order to improve their entire workflow process and insure that they would be able to provide everything their clients needed on a real-time basis.

Fundraising management software is just one area they use Microsoft Dynamics in. After all this is an integral part of the event management that their company works on with other companies. Sharing data and methods of management with many different businesses all over the world is the bread and butter of their organization. In a sense they sell expertise.

Contract books were one of the many areas in which they saw that a system was needed. They needed a system to track clients and individual projects in this area because it was so lucrative. They looked at a few different platforms and realized that an XRM platform would be perfect for this so they began implementing everything. Eventually they found that the system was working very well for them.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was used to help them implement their own platform for clients as well. Between their own systems and this new software they could give customers everything they needed on a schedule that they wanted. Workflow speed improved drastically and they continued to become more efficient due to their new progress.

Speed of implementation was vital for them as they were growing while the installation was done. Since they were able to set everything up so quickly they didn’t lose business over it and quickly expanded as time went along. This is something that many people see happen when they adopt their own system similar to this one.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform also allowed them to manage all of their internal services along with those they provide to the industry at large. As such it became the perfect solution which they continue to expand as their business grows. They are far from the own company to notice this capability and use it to their utmost advantage.

New areas of revenue generation could also be considered now that they had the flexibility to meet them. As such they are pondering just how much power they can get out of the system and where they will be going in the future. It seems that there is no limit to just how far the company can go into the arena of science and scientific clients as well.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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