Microsoft Dynamics and Sunkist Growers

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Sunkist LogoSunkist Growers is a huge name when it comes to putting out food products of all kinds. However mostly oranges are involved in their products. From fruit snacks to drinks they make billions every year and most people in the United States have an idea of what they do. It is no real surprise then that they use Microsoft Dynamics to manage their operations and get the most out of every sale. They eventually decided to switch to this from an older ERP platform they had been using.

So what does this company have in common with the NFL? They’re both aren’t intended to make profits and still make incredibly huge amounts of money anyway. People don’t really realize just how useful having that setup with your business can be, until they realize someone else has done it already and done it very well. There is certainly something for all of us to learn from that in general.

Accounting software for non profit organizations is very important for the Sunkist Growers in particular. As a not-for-profit marketing cooperative they can get a lot of benefits from their status. Not only can they get the normal subsidies they can get even more from various programs originally intended for other charities. All of this adds up to tax breaks and much more for the massive company and is a big reason behind their continued success. After all if it’s there to take advantage of why not do it?

Their original system was not doing well. It was both too expensive and complicated for what they needed. The IT team was having trouble and everyone was fairly frustrated with it. They knew it was time for a change so they started looking into the NAV solution. They learned that the whole setup could be hosted on-premises so that they could save on hosting fees by handling that themselves. They certainly had the resources for such a thing.

It wasn’t very hard to set up Microsoft Dynamics for their people and they found out it was much easier for them to use across the company. It increased speed across the company when everything was finally set up. Due to the integration of NAV with other programs they could now move the info faster than ever before.

Universal currencies was also extremely useful for them. When dealing with so many different currencies from those across the world interested in their business they found that this saved a huge amount of time. They could integrate Excel data while taking in other forms of currency to make it easier for people at every level of the organization.

All of this added up to increased performance among teams and satisfaction among those at the top. Managers and executives alike could see the increased quality of their work. So a company that was already on top went to being a bit higher up. Or looking at it another way they stayed there in a time where competition is increasing.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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