Microsoft Dynamics and the AUSA

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Association of the United States Army Family ProgramsAssociations can make great use of Microsoft Dynamics in a variety of ways. Whether they are the core organization or an offshoot it can greatly increase efficiency. Today we want to discuss a few ways that a system like this makes your group more efficient by using the Association of the US Army.

The first way is that the US Army uses it to keep track of where funding needs to go. This is an essential part of accounting software for associations.The United States Army needs to know who needs to be trained in what along with how much it will cost to do so. They can also keep track of unexpected costs, injuries, etc. CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics are one way you can do the same with your company.

It also allows you to stay flexible when you need to distribute money in unusual ways. The AUSA uses it to support those who are continuing their education with scholarships and the families of soldiers among other things. In the case of a more traditional association or business you might use it to keep track of bonuses, vacations and workers comp payments. Many Microsoft Dynamics packages are set up to handle this sort of thing.

Another reason that systems such as this are useful for associations is that sorting through the data is brutally hard without it. There are often thousands, hundreds of thousands or even larger megabytes of files to sort through. Doing so by hand would be completely impossible and using traditional systems only makes it a bit better. The AUSA uses systems to sort through this information and deliver the parts that they need most to their higher-ups. In this way they can handle the massive organization that is needed.  Microsoft Dynamics also has a variety of options to help your people do this.

Using a system like this also insures that all of your top people get the same information in real-time. That means that they all know the same information at once if they are doing their duty. When this happens in a fine-tuned organization the results can be incredible. Waste can be virtually annihilated if everyone has the information and is using it to their full ability. It can also help settle arguments before they become serious productivity killers for your company. This is because facts do not lie and the more facts you have the better.

The final way in which systems like this help the AUSA along with other associations is that they are continually upgraded. There are many different versions of accounting software for associations but Microsoft Dynamics is one of the best. Every year new versions come out along with updates of other ones. Microsoft itself also continually improves the framework for these products with a focus given to their best clients. So consider a system like this to help organize your association. If it can work for the AUSA it can also work for your important organization.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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