Microsoft Dynamics and the CRM Book

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM BooksFor a long time Microsoft Dynamics partners have been offering a variety of different services. Now some of them are even trying to simply sell information. We’re going to look at one such website that is doing that and their “CRM Book”. We’ll also explore the complicated relationship between various media sites and companies like this.

The CRM Book is a collection of website pages set up to help you understand the new system. Everything from System Administration to customizing it to fit your company and what you want out of the experience as well.

This is of course not just about one site that some company put out. It’s about understanding how partners make their money with Microsoft Dynamics and websites. So we will discuss that briefly here and perhaps do a larger piece on it later.

The CRM Book was put out to “Add Value” to the experience of people who work with a partner. The truth of resellers and other people who give you Microsoft Dynamics is that they aren’t really delivering you anything that you can’t get on your own. You can go to the core company yourself and discuss how they could set up a system with you specifically. However if you do that it really upsets the bottom line for resellers. At base however there is really no reason for you to actually go with them.

This is why they have to “Add Value” to the deal by giving you additional information, support or even hardware. You have to be convinced as the customer that they are giving you a better experience than you could get on your own.

Therefore companies put out things like the CRM Book to convince you that the value is being added. It has sections on many parts of the process including:

  • Service Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Analytics
  • Data Management
  • Email Templates and Mail Merges
  • Using it as a grants management system

It also goes into the minute details of each process. For example it tells you how to put all the data into the framework and keep it clean and orderly over time. They also show you how to reimport the data over time as well. This allows you to easily get the data in and make sure that it doesn’t end up as a confusing mess over time. One of the biggest problems with systems like this is that the data can go in too fast and cause serious problems when things fall out of order.

So what does this tell you as a consumer or seller? In either instance adding value to the setup is essential. Customers don’t want to buy from anyone if there is a better deal with the core company. You can bring the same approach to your own business if you work as a dealer or such.

Be sure to check resources out like this. There is a wealth of free information for those who want to use it due to the market competition. It’s a great age for CRM users.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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