Microsoft Dynamics and Yammer

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Microsoft Dynamics Yammer IconMicrosoft Dynamics is quite useful for the variety of different programs that work with it. Yammer is one of these that turns the software into a social network.

These programs work together to create a place where your employees can work on projects in real time. It does this in several ways that we are going to be looking today.

The first way it does this is by adding a social aspect to your Microsoft Dynamics network. Your employees can talk with each other in real-time about projects. They can also share figures and other facts. It also allows you to create a fun social atmosphere similar to that of Facebook.

Yammer also adds new ways to share feeds which gives you additional charts and information. More information is rarely a bad thing in a major business. It also lets people in positions all over the company talk to everyone else. This is something badly needed in many companies where there is a detachment between leadership and workers.

Yammer also has a variety of other networks it can connect to. As a result it’s a great way to integrate other systems that don’t work as well with Microsoft Dynamics. For example you could set up a flowchart system with information from someone on Yammer. Then you could share it between programs and workers equally.

So why is all of this integration possible for Microsoft Dynamics? Because Microsoft owns Yammer. That’s right they paid $1.2 Billion for it. This makes Yammer one of many companies that people do not realize Microsoft owns. They have long been using this strategy with a variety of different businesses. They started this tradition way back when they held non-voting shares of Apple years ago.

So this gives you yet another reason why it might be a smart bet to integrate Yammer. Due to the fact that they own the company now we may see more and more features added. In fact it’s nearly a certainty. We will also probably see more integration between Yammer and other Microsoft Dynamics products.

So how do you go about integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Yammer? It’s rather simple as there are in-program options to put these two together. Just have your developers look through the files for a bit and you should be able to find the integration options without any problem.

So once you have decided to you have to figure out whether it works for your company. In many companies communication like this is vital. However if your company has a very straight forward product or service, too much communication can slow things down. You should discuss the integration both with your chain of command and with those who work with the system. This system also combines well with crm for associations.

We hope that this article has given you an interesting option for your Microsoft Dynamics system. We wish you the best of the luck with the whole transition process. You may find yourself with better ideas than ever before when communication starts to flow company wide.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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