Microsoft Dynamics AX and Kaya Consulting

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Kaya Consulting LogoKaya Consulting is one of many companies using Microsoft Dynamics AX to reach a global stage. This time they are attempting to move into Turkey and they have recently been the toast of the ERP world. We’ll be discussing what opportunities they saw in this area and how the flexibility of the system lead them to it. If you run a similar consulting company you do not want to be without a solution of one form or another.

Based in the Netherlands Kaya Consulting had created a serious practice of consulting there. In the modern day they are also offering courses on software as well for those who want to completely train people at their company. This extensive suite of services has created quite a bit of success for those involved and the company continues to grow. Diversifying what you offer people is certainly one cornerstone of major businesses today.

Recently they have decided to expand into the Turkish market and offer services there. They chose to go with Microsoft Dynamics AX both because they could train people in it and it’s an amazing way to manage their own operations. Both of these help them make quite a bit more money than you would think. A few factors influenced this decision including the huge growth of the Turkish economy and the easy setup of software along with hardware under this system.

This growth came as a result of a high level of professionalism in Turkey. With a recent focus on education, family and respect for business partners came an incredible environment to work in. This is why so many companies like this are focusing on that area in order to create a globalized setup. Membership management software is an important part of this.

Their main focus will be training individuals in Microsoft Dynamics AX both within their own company and among the many clients who need it. In this way they want to create a network of users for their service which is unrivaled anywhere in the world. Only time will tell whether they will be able to gain power in this extremely competitive market.

With that competitive client come many other competitors in the ERP and consulting areas. There are many different solutions that any one user can go with so they have to stand out in order to be noticed. However competition and adversity often lead to improvement beside exceptional results. If you run a similar company then you may want to jump into this arena as well.

One interesting stance they are taking is that Kaya Consulting Turkey is not selling licenses. They are doing this to remain independent and provide the best possible service to every client. They believe that by selling licenses it would cut down on some of the quality they could provide to everyone in the area from partners to end-users. This strategy may be exactly what they need in order to stand out in the Microsoft Dynamics AX market so we want to keep an eye on them. You probably should too.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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