Microsoft Dynamics Brings in Marketing Gurus for eBook

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Microsoft Social is for Closers eBookRecently Microsoft Dynamics promoters have been gathering SEO gurus to write eBooks for them. This is part of their overall strategy for grabbing more market share. Indeed in recent articles on Forbes many of those in the industry have said that this is the end of the SEO optimization era. It’s the start of the social era where that matters more than ever. So today we’re going to discuss how MD was lacking on this in the past and how they have changed everything up in the present.

The first area where things have changed is in outreach to social media experts. People like this are invited to their conferences and brought in to write e-books for them. They want to be seen as experts in and of themselves so it’s a win-win for everyone. You would not have seen nearly as much reaching out like this in previous years so it really is a major change for the company.

Microsoft Dynamics itself is changing as well. They’ve bought small social companies and added a huge number of social sharing options. In the latest versions nearly every panel can have some options in that area added with a bit of tweaking. Others already have it in by default. In future editions it seems like the entire thing will be integrated on every panel. Fundraising management software is even being integrated with social options.

Both inside and outside networks are a part of the strategy. Not only can you have options to share a new project on Twitter but you can have an internal network which lets your own employees share everything. This is quite handy if you have sensitive information. Just because you can put everything where everyone can see it does not mean you should. There will always be a place for secrecy no matter how much things change.

The eBook in question we want to talk to you about is “Social is for Closers” which is basically a small book about how marketers are dealing with the new era. Some of it deals with Microsoft Dynamics and some of it does not. This is an interesting aspect because it shows that they are so interested in how business is changing that they are fine with allowing people to put their own perspective in.

This is all part of their plan to make people not only look at “SEO Gurus” for social information but also to Microsoft Dynamics partners and the core company. They want to get a chunk of that market in a big way. They want their salespeople to come in and say they will be able to handle all the social networking for a site down the road. Should those in this area be concerned? Only if you are not in their camp because you are either with them or against them.

Things are changing in incredibly massive ways in this area so keep your eye on it all. You may find that you can get connected in a first party way to this massive new movement. Or even write an eBook for them.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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