Microsoft Dynamics and Cortana

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Cortana LogoWith the additional release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Cortana has become a part of the setup as well. Named from a surprising source, the Bungie/Microsoft game Halo, Cortana helps you better manage your overall daily business operations. In the game itself Cortana was a virtual assistant for the main character who helped him through a variety of jams. Now the company is attempting to make art mimic life with their integration in this area. This sounds strange but Microsoft has done this for years with many in-jokes and references to the company within their programs.

Cortana also acts as the same sort of virtual assistant, helping you find the information you need and giving advice on business situations. While certainly not perfect yet it is the first step towards having a full assistant that pretty much anyone can use, at any point they want to use it. Therefore not only is it a novel invention but it should lead to many improvements for the entire software family down the line.

The addition has led to a media storm because it is paired with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, a long-awaited release that technology writers have been speculating about for many years. The time has finally come for the final release so it is here.

Perhaps the biggest change that comes with the release is a promise that they are going to be speeding up the release cycle for these programs. Since each one amounts to a massive amount of coding there could be many months or even years between releases of certain ones in the family. Because of this companies had to plan for the upgrade but that is all set to change.

So what does Cortana do specifically? It basically ties into a database which lets you check accounts for customers, set up meetings and it also works with Windows 10. Or it will when the final version is done and it will give you additional power to work from home as well on a level never before seen. Theoretically this technology will eventually extend to every program in the Microsoft Family someday.

Programmers are also working hard to make sure everything is compatible. While everything is quite strong already nothing is perfect upon release and you can expect regular upgrades over time in order to greatly increase stability for your network. If you are an early adopter already then you probably have some idea how all of this works.

Another factor being improved by this is the connection to marketing mechanics. All of these programs will be able to share data between sales and marketing sectors in order to create a platform which gives you the best view of your company that you can possibly have. More than just real-time stats, it will feature real-time analysis on a level which you have never seen before. We will be watching the situation so that we can tell you just how successful they are in their efforts towards integration down the line. Many companies that already use the system will have even more effective options.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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