Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

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microsoft dynamics 2016

This week, Microsoft rolled out Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update, Dynamics Marketing 2016 Update and Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update. Now available both as a cloud service and on-premises software, Dynamics CRM 2016 comes with features Microsoft has picked up through its acquisition of Parature and FieldOne.

Microsoft is also adding its Cortana personal digital analytics assistant this time around.

Dynamics 2016 enhances simplicity and therefore efficiency by offering sales, service and marketing professionals the ability to leverage familiar productivity tools by accessing documents across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups and OneDrive for Business and creating customized sales documents in word while engaging in sales, marketing and customer service tasks.

Available both online and on-premises, across 44 languages, 2016 Dynamics can recommend intelligence-driven cross-sell opportunities, knowledge articles and other relevant content to help service reps.

Earlier in the year Microsoft wanted to pay $55 billion to acquire Sales Force. Microsoft and Salesforce have been huge competitors in the CRM space. JP Morgan released the status of a survey  where 23% of those surveyed picked Dynamics after Sales Force. That puts them in the number two position over Oracle, who ended up at 11% from those surveyed.
According to a Gartner report released by Forbes, the total CRM market grew 13% in 2014 and that growth is poised to continue.

Microsoft’s MSFT CRM revenue grew by 22%.

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