Microsoft Dynamics eConnect Spotlight

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Microsoft Dynamics GP InstallMicrosoft Dynamics eConnect is more than just a nice buzzword for advertising. It’s a powerful tool for your business needs. However you may not even know what it is so we want to explain that and what it means for your business.

Microsoft eConnect is a suite of tools, components and other options that let programs interact with each other in Microsoft Dynamics GP partners program. This includes a few things such as a .NET code assembly, BizTalk Applications and Microsoft Message Queuing Options. All of these work together to increase communication between your teams and customers. They also help you save money and keep you from having to buy additional storefront options.

These systems integrate with your already existing Microsoft Dynamics GP setup. They also work with your front end and warehouse to increase the quality and speed of workflow between them. These tools are also continually being updated that bugs are worked out and everything works even faster.

For those who cannot develop applications on their own this is extremely useful. Microsoft Dynamics GP has an already-existing option for nearly any sort of operation you would need. But let us get down to the nuts and bolts of this software.

The first thing eConnect does is let your people access their office data in real time. This means that your managers can see the inventory change as it happens. This is far superior to other systems where there is a delay in updates. It lets you see unexpected changes and prepare for them on the fly.

It also lets you share this data across a large number of different programs. This doesn’t just include Microsoft Dynamics programs but also a variety of other programs that you may have in your office area. Now you can share everything with no problems.

But what does this do in practical terms? Let us show you one example. A Windows Live ID can be used to sign in for added security. Your customer signs in and reserves a product. They get their invoice immediately and your sales team sees this to prepare. Unfortunately the client finds out that they no longer need as many copies of the product as they thought. They cancel a few and your team is immediately informed.

The team then knows not to tell the factory or warehouse to send out as many models and you get the perfect amount. Everything is changed on the fly with Microsoft Dynamics GP and your company saves time. Everyone in the company who needs to know about it is informed and everything flows smoothly. Customers are happy and workers are happy because they did not have to sift through invoices. The eConnect system makes this all possible.

While you may be wondering how to set it all up Microsoft provides a variety of training programs for that instance. Really there is not serious reason not to look into this program if you already use Microsoft Dynamics GP so take a look for yourself.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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