Microsoft Dynamics ERP Improvements

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Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise PictureRecently Microsoft Dynamics AX and other members of the family have been remade or rethought to add additional features. We are going to go over what that means for you today in this article. You may even find out about some projects which you had not known about previously when we are done. No matter what happens things are changing in serious ways these days. Keep an eye on it so you can find out how you want to handle things with your own company.

Both end-to-end apps and do-it-yourself apps are in the cards with their new options for this. Whether you want to take advantage of them or not is up to you but it does pay to stay informed. Most of this information came from the recent conference they held this year in Atlanta.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX releases we are going to be talking about today are scheduled for May 1st on both the on-side and cloud versions of the program. This is very handy for everyone involved because no matter what level of service you have paid for you will be getting the same quality of programs.

Another major point of why this is so interesting is that the applications will be free for you to use. You just pay the normal fee you would anyway and they let you have full access to everything. If someone tries to sell you extra middleware make sure that you understand you do not really need it anyway. This likely also comes with some member management software options.

The big “Project Siena” is what everyone is talking about right now. No matter what Microsoft Dynamics platform you use this is a huge deal. It is being touted as a user-friendly way to create new custom frameworks for your company. The idea is that nearly anyone can use it with some very minor trading without having to learn a programming language. We are concerned that such a setup will be somewhat lacking in depth if they decide to go down this route. However we have very little information on it right now so we will have to wait and see.

Their GP services are also getting some big updates as well. Both social listening and service desks are being added to that. Once again it seems that they want all the families to share options so that they can have a more complete setup for each one.

One very interesting part of this is that Microsoft is taking over the responsibilities which their partners handled previously. While we are sure that partners are not too excited about them taking a bite of their pie they really have very little choice. First party software means that they only have as many rights as the company they are borrowing them from deems to give them. This also probably means it will be harder for new companies to break into the business since they already have quite a few partners set up. The industry is going to be changing in a huge way.




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