Microsoft Dynamics Explained Simply

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cropped-microsoft_dynamicsThis article is for the burgeoning business owner that does not even know what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is. We want to use Microsoft Dynamics of an example of a product that your business will use later on in their life cycle. You will learn something about how the big companies handle themselves and may even want to find out more for your own business.

Microsoft Dynamics is simply a way Microsoft provides to get a huge amount of information about your customers. This is the CRM section of the service. They also offer other programs that let you manage data all across your company. This is the ERP section of the service which also focuses on gathering the information.  The idea is that each one helps you gather information and give it to your employees so they can make informed decisions. Obviously such a major undertaking grabs an incredible amount of information for your company. As a result it can be a bit much for the average employee to understand which we will talk about in some articles here.

So how does it actually happen? They provide the company with software such as Microsoft Dynamics C5 along with hosted solutions for smaller firms. It allows the company to interface the software with their own systems. They then provide support and training or can even do personal consulting in certain situations. The idea is for the company to use the software to create a whole new setup for their company. This pool is ideally one where employees contribute to a pool of data and learn from it at the same time.

Another example is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM that integrates into your computers that host sales, marketing and service information.  Lately they have been pushing the .NET features that let people have remote access to this information.

So what does Microsoft Dynamics bring to their core company? First it gives them significant fees for the technology and for some manpower they provide. However in a much more important way it helps them keep on top. It lets them create powerful relationships with rising stars in any industry that needs this. Only significant companies with huge numbers of customers and massive setups need such a thing. They go to where the money is and are rewarded generously for helping these people.

Microsoft Dynamics is considered to be in the mid-tier of such services and is priced accordingly at around $44 USD a month for the CRM alone. You can also create a grant management system from some versions. There are many alternatives but they all offer relatively good service. So why do so many people hate systems like this? The answer is simple:

Training is essential for your employees who use these systems. Untrained and unskilled employees will enter data wrong and misinterpret data already in the Microsoft Dynamics system. Many companies do not bother with it then wonder why their people hate it. If you go with one of these systems make sure your employees are well trained for it.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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