Microsoft Dynamics GP Changes for 2015 Announced

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 DashboardAlong with the many other changes to the framework another big announcement was made, huge improvements to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 are out. More than 120 new features are part of this program so we’ll be going over a few of them so that you can understand why everyone in the industry is excited.

The biggest addition (among others) is perhaps the one which is the least marketable; server performance. Huge improvements to the speed of data sharing and basic integration with Azure are part of this new setup which greatly increases the speed at which you can access data. This makes the switch to this updated version especially appetizing for those who are running it on slow platforms.

For those wondering both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are supported for this. As are the accompanying programs as well. You can expect this trend to continue for many years until most companies have fully moved over to 64-bit systems. Progress sometimes takes time even when it is better than everything that came before. How long this will take is something for the analysts to figure out over time.

Donor management software can also benefit from these server updates which allows everything to move smoothly and quickly through any system such as this. All the specific subsets of management now have vast improvements to the flow of data that people have wanted for quite some time. If you are wondering whether your specific organization could use some of these new additions the answer will almost certainly be “yes”.

As with so many other products from MSD the biggest improvements were to web capabilities. The system now can access more information online from nearly interface than ever before. There are some restrictions on what browsers you can use but all around you have many more capabilities on your smart phone or tablet. So for those who want to take the next step with their business this can be an easy way to handle all of this as well. Without needing to have complicated installations that take large amounts of time to finish.

Many of the additions are part of the new service-based architecture plan that the company has for all of their software and hardware down the road. Providing services to everyone who needs them is at the heart of all their plans. They believe that this will lead to an upswing in business when clients see they have the best solutions for other users as well. Hopefully this gamble will pay off for them in the long term.

Currently the changes are the talk of the CRM world. No one promotional pundit has the same view on what is important about these various changes but they all agree these are important. Each one is attempting to create their own system about what you need to learn in order to use these programs to their fullest as well. Early on you should take these with a grain of salt because people are still learning these on their own time as well.



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