Microsoft Dynamics Helps Miele with Client Connection

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Miele VacuumMiele is a massive luxury household goods manufacturer. However they needed to do something extra to get in with Turkey as it was their new market that hadn’t been built up. They decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for it.

Since they had little presence there they needed a system that was easy to scale. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was this system exactly. They can scale it up over time as they

Since they provide the products themselves they work with many dealers. This can make it somewhat hard to gather feedback from them and the customers. This is the best form of CRM for project management because it connects projects with people.

Through this they’ve forged an entirely new market in Turkey by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now they have a thriving business there and have better brand recognition all around. The competition there is extremely high as well due to the manufacturing there.

They sell themselves on quality so they can’t re-sell their items over and over. That means they have to try to sell additional items to these customers. They pride themselves on their products lasting somewhere in the area of 20 years. This is rather important when you are buying things such as stove tops that you do not want to break down pretty much ever.

They do this by finding out what they want and targeting those customers who can buy more. They do this by going over the information gathered from dealers and customers through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Online processing has become a huge part of their setup due to this. The facts they gathered showed that this would be the best way both to collect information and serve the customer.

Fortunately all of these programs can tie into a website, something we have seen with many other companies on this site. You send the customer to the website and then you gather the information from their orders as well.

The modular and scalable style of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also useful in an emerging market in case things do not work out as they are supposed to. Even the best plans laid out by the most brilliant people in the world sometimes go wrong. You may find out that the customer base you were targeting doesn’t work. You may find out that they want a different product than you thought. This system can adapt to either of these unfortunate circumstances very quickly.

In the case of Miele they really didn’t know what to expect from the client base of Turkey. They knew some facts but as everyone knows that isn’t the same as talking with people. By talking with them and getting sheer feedback through the website they managed to see the whole picture. If they had not done that then they never would have been able to break into the Turkey Market.

So what can your company learn from this? Even if you are the best in say, Europe, you aren’t the best in the Middle East, China, etc. A system like this may put you on top there.




Author: Walter McDaniel

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