Microsoft Dynamics and IoT

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Internet of Things LogoEver since the idea of the internet of things or IoT first came up it has been a hot issue for technology writers. So what exactly is this concept and how can you apply it to your own business? We’ll be talking about that today. If you have not previously studied the topic you may want to soon in order to stay on top of the technology world. It is also a measure of how far we have progressed into the future of science fiction that many authors created for us in the past.

Many different authors have discussed how this relates to the internet of things. Basically the internet of things relates to the idea that everything, someday, will become computerized. From your basic laptops to advanced wrist-watches which can connect to your home computer. Basically it’s a notation of the fact that all technology is becoming more and more connected to other aspects of technology. Theoretically you will one day be able to check your heart rate with a pacemaker from a tablet as well.

Retail is obviously the first and most obvious area in which you would want to use Microsoft Dynamics with this. With enough customizations you can have someone watch one of your products from a personal computer, perhaps a tablet. They buy the tablet which lets them connect to the personal computer and your database. Afterwards you sell them a watch with app connections to all of these. You have just created a miniature internet of things in your own product line.

As for why this matters it should be obvious to even a causal business observer: instead of selling one product you are selling an entire line that works together. You cannot pay for customer loyalty better than that and it’s a major reason Apple grew so large. They tie all of their products into each other and already use this.

Grant management software isn’t something that usually relates to that but the same data entry can be useful with this as well. Tracking all of these well, things, can be very difficult without a database. You will also need some form of management for all of them as well and Microsoft Dynamics provides both of these for you.

Tracking marketing information about your customers is easier than ever due to embedded programs and similar features. However you should be very careful when using these. People do not like to have their privacy invaded without their permission. If at all possible make it clear that you will be gathering some data about this over time.

Azure servers combined with many versions of Microsoft Dynamics can easily allow you to create this. While you may need a programmer for some apps and connectivity it is extremely feasible to set all this up in short order as well. So if you have a large line of products related to each other this may be the perfect way to increase your sales across the board. Just make sure your buyers are comfortable with it.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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