Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

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Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle on a TabletMicrosoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services is a new cloud tool that lets everyone manage their projects from before sales to afterwards. This particular setup works with the AX version of the program and gives you some very powerful tools. We want to go over this with you today.

The workspace is accessible and compatible with Windows Azure. This gives Microsoft Dynamics AX a special way to access your customers and information.

The main function of it is to take your data and analyze it to create a plan for using your Microsoft Dynamics to full effect. It takes in your data on your target demographics and early needs for the project early on and you can plan out each step before you even start.

It all starts with pre-sales planning which is integrated in it. You can plan your team, roles and set up early documents. All of these serve to create an early platform for designing your project. You can also allow or deny contractors in your Microsoft Dynamics framework. This all takes place with easy drop-down menus. Your team members can also receive easy e-mail invitations.

The user interface is also another great feature. Every step of the process is easy to use with a point and click interface that nearly anyone can understand. This really helps your employees to use it better without needing quite a lot of training.

The most powerful feature of the Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services system is the fact that you can create a library of information for teams. This library can contain nearly any type of data you would need for a team to succeed. It shares it across all authorized team members so you can give them as much information or as little as anyone needs.

You can also have a variety of different libraries so that you can have several for contractors and even more for internal members. This allows you to secure your Microsoft Dynamics on a variety of levels. Even better it has an easy drag and drop interface so that you can add or remove items from the team map easily. You will probably hear something about this from nonprofit accounting software vendors if you work in that area.

All of these come with flowcharts that give your members a diagram of how to complete the project. You can even alter security rolls from this chart as well. All of these are done with the same drag and drop interface. In many ways this helps your team members plan everything down to the smallest detail.

This amount of data in Microsoft Dynamics AX can get a little overwhelming. That is where the search service comes in. If one of your team members has lost a piece of information things can get confusing. Plans can also change other plans over time. This particular function is absolutely excellent for filling in all the games over time.

By using these powerful tools you can completely organize all your work teams. This can help your whole company become more efficient over time. Good luck with organizing your own Lifecycle Services.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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