Microsoft Dynamics POS Spotlight

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Microsoft Dynamics POS Sample ScreenDespite an unfortunate name, Microsoft Dynamics POS is a very useful program. It’s the perfect fit for those who want to have an extremely specific point of sale software that helps in a very specific area. We want to go over this very cool piece of software that might be the perfect fit for your company.

So who is Microsoft Dynamics POS perfect for? Anyone in the retail industry. Every part of the system is custom tailored for sales. It tracks sales and inventory from employees to the storefront. I can receive, post and sort any amount of inventory so that your managers know exactly what they have and need.

Connectivity is also another important part of Microsoft Dynamics POS. It has quite a lot of useful integration with various IT systems and other Microsoft programs. You can expect an easy setup when using this.

Payment options are another important aspect of any retail operation. Microsoft Dynamics POS offers a huge variety of options for this. Customers can of course pay through traditional options such as cash or check. But they also have PayPal and various credit card options to use with this. They are regularly updating the system with more options over time. If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to your questions about payment then this is perfect for you. It can also work as a web based crm.

Those same options have security options for encryption and other security. This means that you can tell your customers that their information is safe when it gets to you. Nothing hurts a company more than a security scandal that can lead to expensive lawsuits. The best way to avoid this is by looking ahead to anticipate it.

For those with an in-house development team Microsoft Dynamics POS can also meet many other needs. It comes with a software development kit that you can make your own apps from. This means that the solution can grow with your business over time.

However with such a powerful system you have to be very careful. Managers need to put in precise numbers or the whole system can be thrown off. While there are some internal ways to check this you need to have at least a few employees checking the amounts each month. If it looks like someone has too much inventory then some fraud or mismanagement may be taking place. Fortunately this system can help you find out if that is going on as well by comparing amounts each month.

Fortunately the Microsoft Dynamics framework comes with a user role system so you can track employees. You can see which ones are using it correctly and which ones could use a demotion. This helps the best employees rise up.

As you can see Microsoft Dynamics POS is the perfect choice for anyone who has a lot of retail sales and inventory. It’s a valuable tool for people all over your business. Take a look at the framework and see for yourself whether it is right for you.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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