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MSD Customer AnalyticsUsing an ERP program can help you make the most of your customer service work. In many cases it can augment a job that you’re already doing. Therefore it pays to find out the many different ways in which you can use your hardware and software to do this. We’ll discuss a few of your options and certainly discuss a few more down the road. This is an aspect of ERP that will never go away and is constantly evolving to accommodate new technology and schools of thought as well.

One thing you should keep in mind is that your options with customer service in this area are very flexible, just as the program is. No matter what you need to do for your customers there is some option for that which can make them happy. If you do not have something you can always buy a package or hire a programmer to give you whatever you need for all of this. It really is that simple.

Tricia Morris wrote about her take on customer service for a recent MSD blog. We will discuss a few key points with you from this as well. Starting off we have First Contact Resolution, it basically refers to solving the customer’s problem on the very first try without having to resort to additional calls or other work. It is what everyone in business wants and can be very hard to achieve without a powerful system and hard work. It solves a lot of other problems that could come up as well.

Employee engagement is another vital aspect of this setup. Not having the right information to handle your job leads to employee discontent. Having a framework to look all this up very quickly in, or better yet to have it up already, allows your employees to avoid much of this. It leads to happier workers and customers as well. In the same way that information needs to be consistent from employee to employee as well. Both of these problems are solved in this way. All of this is quite simple to use.

Donor management software is important in this area as well. As we have discussed so many times before your donators are pretty much the same as customers. Same sort of revenue and a similar thirst for feeling important. At least for feeling like you value them. A big aspect of this is having resources for your customers to look up. It empowers them and can also cut down on contact to your organization that did not actually need to happen.

All of these add up to customer satisfaction which is a bit harder to track. Everyone knows what it is, but it is unique to every single person. One person who wants to look things up themselves would not be happy with being told how to get everything over the phone. The opposite is true as well for reasons which should be fairly clear to you. Finding that perfect amount of help for each customer is absolutely vital. It’s hard but possible with the right ERP.


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