Microsoft Dynamics Shopping for Nonprofits

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I love nonproftisWe have discussed quite a bit about how nonprofits can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics. In this article we want to give a complete focus to the options for these organizations. We also want to discuss how you may be able to write-off some of your setup as normal expenses. By the end we want you to know exactly how to search for and buy your next major system.

Let us discuss the very best news first, you can probably write off your Microsoft Dynamics system with the government. Charities are quite used to this but some are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hardware and software that they are using. Many regular businesses write these off as expenses for their taxes. It is even easier for you to do so by explaining that you need non profit accounting software.

In addition you can expect many companies to be more than willing to work with you. Charities and non-profits are always welcome with just about any company. They will probably be quite eager for a customer that can improve their image and pay them.

So how should you approach shopping for a Microsoft Dynamics package? First you should compare them. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a very robust solution but may be more than some people need for their organizations. You may also find that Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which is made for a more traditional business, may not be what you need. The good news is that no matter which one you go with you can find a highly capable vendor who will set up a system for you.

You may also want to buy additional systems such as databanks or iMIS systems to go with your Microsoft Dynamics purchase. These can also often be written off as acceptable expenses for most nonprofit organizations.

When shopping you need to remember two things: 1. do not buy more than you need. All of these are highly robust and flexible systems that can me the needs of many users. 2. You are a customer of high value to companies like this as a nonprofit. This is even truer if you have significant name recognition in the popular culture so do not settle for less than you need or think you will need. These are seemingly contradictory pieces of advice about choosing your Microsoft Dynamics system; however the truth is that you need a system that is just what you need at that growth point.

Being a key consumer for these companies also has negatives. You will have a lot of people trying to sell you things you do not need or are more than you need. Make sure that your representatives give you concrete examples of how your non-profit association will benefit from the software and hardware. If they cannot give you a clear answer on how exact features will help you then you need to move on. Finally just use your own common sense after looking at it. Go with the system just for you.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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