Microsoft Dynamics UK Charity Initiative

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Microsoft Dynamics Charity ProcessorRight now there is a big UK charity initiative for Microsoft Dynamics. There are many events being hosted to encourage those in the sector to buy and work with the MD software. Today we are going to go over why they are having this push and why you might be interested if you are in that area. Most of them are free and you can gain a lot of information from them. Be warned though that there probably will be some push to buy from a few people there so be ready for it.

A team of people are creating online meetings which they expect almost everyone to be able to attend. They will take place around April and May for around 45 minutes. In many ways they are a sales presentation laying out how the product can help you manage your own setting. If you have the time to attend then we would suggest doing so.

Fundraising management software is one major thing that Microsoft Dynamics does extremely well. They can track donors and what they need all over the world in a short time. This helps you better understand where everything is coming from. In the modern era you probably need this for any mid-sized charity to keep functioning at a good rate. While we don’t want to think of it as a competition it is true that you are fighting with many others for limited funds.

The first one is on Azure on the 29th. Azure is the premiere platform for this type of work because you can create custom toolsets and use economical storage. They are pushing this quite a bit in order to break into the market even further than they have previously. It certainly is a very robust and useful platform if you can afford it.

The next one is self-service Business Insights. This lets those who want to buy less save money by handling things themselves. It starts on Friday the 2nd of May. You’ll hear about how to handle this platform out of Office 365 which you are probably already using no matter what size your organization is. You don’t actually need Microsoft Dynamics for this but it can be integrated it for even more information.

All of these are being done to encourage people to buy the system. While it has certainly garnered an incredible following in the non-charity sector their penetration into this sector is somewhat limited. This is true for just about all ERP systems because many of those who run organizations like this do not see the need for it. To be fair though it’s clear that you do need some system to get to the top.

The final one is on Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself. This is for those who want the full system and want to learn how to effectively use it for yourself as well. If you are interested in the whole package then this is probably the best one for you to check out yourself.




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