Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce

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Microsoft Dynamics vs Salesforce LogoPerhaps the most heated rivalry in CRM right now is Microsoft Dynamics vs. Salesforce. We want to go down the positives and negatives of each one and let you decide for yourself which is better.

Salesforce immediately beats Microsoft Dynamics on figuratively coming out of the game. It has fewer bugs which slow performance and crashes. This means users can expect faster results all around from Salesforce. Of course this depends heavily on your system.

Microsoft Dynamics systems sometimes have the edge in every area for one reason: they play well with Microsoft products. From servers to Outlook it has a ton of features to make it run fast and efficiently.

Salesforce has more integration with Non-MS Products such as Mozilla Firefox and Google apps. This gives it a lot of flexibility in other areas that Microsoft Dynamics cannot match. It also works with iPad and other useful mobile apps. Basically they have spent their time working with everyone who is not owned by Microsoft.

Microsoft Dynamics costs much less to deploy than Salesforce and has fewer extra costs. This means everything from less money paid for support to easier deployment of your server and software. This can save a company thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run. For those who want the more economical choice Microsoft Dynamics is the only choice.

Microsoft Dynamics also has much more customizability on a user-by-user basis. Unless you want to pay for the full version of Salesforce which is ridiculously expensive. Only the largest companies in the world would rationalize grabbing the full version. It’s just not an option for most businesses.

The Outlook Integration is one part of the Microsoft Dynamics package that is so important that it must be stressed. Most companies have Outlook on a huge number of their computers because it is the go-to program for smaller business operations. If you do not have this you can expect a bit of difficulty setting everything up. However it can be done with other CRM programs with a bit of work. Both work as association management software.

The place where each one is tied is in development. Both Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce are constantly competing with each other to push the other out of customers. The stakes are absolutely massive as they battle over your money. This means that you as the customer win in either case. Both of them have an excellent framework.

Salesforce however most often wins out in industry arguments. Why? They’ve been a huge force in the industry for much longer with a proven track record of success for customers.

Which one should you choose? Take a look at your wallet as Microsoft Dynamics is the less expensive solution. However if you can afford it you might want to try one of the more robust versions of Salesforce as the top packages truly offer service that no one else in the industry can really rival today. The choice is up to you in the end as they are both fantastic services.

Author: Walter McDaniel

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