Microsoft Dynamics vs SAP

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SAP LogoSAP is something that many businesses use for their core financials over time. However the minds that run Microsoft Dynamics are gearing up to fight with them. They’re attempting to turn customers away from those programs with advanced analytics and many other attractive options. Can they do it? It depends on the size and integration of the customer they are dealing with. Let us look over that right now.

First what is SAP and why do so many businesses use it? Basically it’s a robust form of ERP software that tracks everything from how the stock will be effected to customer satisfaction. It’s a massive and very expensive setup that many large businesses use. It’s also a family of systems that companies can buy various products from in order to meet their individual needs.

In many ways they offer the same solutions Microsoft Dynamics do in slightly different ways. Both have massive systems with a lot of power. They go after the same clients as well. Each one also has established user bases that prefer one over the other. It is only natural that the two are coming into conflict on a massive scale.

This is of course excellent news for anyone who needs an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics. You have a huge number of choices that are pandering to you and begging for your money. You are the kind of the consumer industry because you can choose any one of these to build up or ignore. You need everything to have full CRM for professional services.

So how exactly are they doing this? In ways you would really not expect. The first way they are doing it is by encouraging people to use Microsoft Dynamics AX alongside the SAP framework as well. The parent company is pushing this very hard in a variety of promotional campaigns telling everyone to use it alongside. This is something very strange for a company that is used to basically bowling over the competition. In this particular industry everyone is a heavyweight and they cannot simply push everyone over and integrate them into their own setup.

So why are they doing this? It’s an effort to show people that SAP cannot do everything by itself despite being quite powerful. It is certainly true that it does not have all the features that you would need in one sitting. To promote this they have released additional connections in order to make sure that the two work together. Is this strategy actually going to work? We are really not sure. It’s certainly not the first time that things like this have been tried. They have worked in some industries and not in others.

Regardless the final strategy will be to convince people to drop the competitors entirely. This is what they have done many times in industries from gaming to normal utility software. Aggressive choices are part of what has made them such a giant in the industry. Will they be able to use it here as well in order to get to the top of a massive industry? We will wait and see.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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