Microsoft Finally Releases Full MD Functionality for Dynamics CRM 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM FunctionalityMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 2013 finally has their full cloud integration. Due to the large amount of systems that needed to be updated and extensive testing they had to set the release back for quite some time. As a result we are finally getting it this month. Today we want to explore the update and some of the reasons it took so long to deploy.

The first big barrier to the Microsoft Dynamics release was that they needed it across all regions. That means every region of the world that uses this, which is a great portion of the world, would need to have the update around the same time. This was a monumental task considering translation and testing. An edition that has no spelling errors in one might have some in another depending on the situation.

They also had to fit Yammer and other programs into it and make sure everything was compatible. Their third party licenses are currently a big deal for them. Yammer integration also lets you talk with users who do not have a CRM license. This makes it an extremely useful tool when you are dealing with a company that may not have all the money and resources that your own does. A common occurrence in many industries.

On-premises and partner-hosted deployments are coming out on October 31st. This is because they have to make sure everything is set up perfectly for their partners. If something goes wrong with them then they lose quite a bit of the Microsoft Dynamics user base. As of now they are still on the top of the ERP Software market.

Another reason why this version of Microsoft Dynamics took so long to get here was a total redesign for mobile devices. It’s made to look up on iPad and Windows 8 mobile apps on any sort of system. Since Windows 8 is an operating system designed for this as well it appears that is the direction the company is going in. They have been pushing the mobile angle for years now. Finally they are integrating everything.

The menus are also designed to give you all the information on one page. This was a major change from previous versions where you might have pop ups or tons of windows. That could really be a hassle when you just wanted to see the whole project at once.

Most likely all the other editions will be getting this treatment as well. The new focus for each one is having all the information you need on one screen, from anywhere. Of course not all versions of this software will have these out at the same time. They will likely also face many of the same restrictions with others as they did with this one. However we believe that eventually all of the programs in this family will feature a cloud solution.

On a related note the social insight system will be switched on shortly. However 2014 is the date for worldwide distribution of that system. We will just have to wait and see how long it actually takes.


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