Microsoft Pushes Office Integration in Australia

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Australian Data CenterAustralian data centers now have full access to Office 365, the two largest ones in particular. While they could previously buy this they had not fully implemented it into their systems but recently managers chose this in order to improve the overall efficiency of their system. These changes made CRM news on several sites as Australian technology has had a reputation for lagging behind at times, one which will be moving into the past during 2015.

Changes like this are coming as a result of what people call fears about “data sovereignty” which is basically a buzzword about having a cloud. No really, that’s pretty much what it is despite the large amount of marketing used to make you think it refers to a real IT term. As such anyone without the cloud is seen as lagging behind because that’s simply where technology is going these days.

Fundraising management software can also benefit from this office integration. Since you can track all of it with workers of any skill you can easily have all of your workers add in data to a system no matter what level of training they have. As long as they can use Microsoft Office on some level they can easily handle all of this management as well.

So why does all of this come up and matter? The Microsoft Office and Dynamics branches are working heavily on promoting this. In a part of the world that had previously been neglected not only by them but by other companies they are now receiving a clear focus. The Microsoft Office corporate vice president John Case says they will now be focusing on data management and every other aspect of organization for the country. This means that business owners there will have many more options than ever before when they want to properly manage their CRM. Depending on the company they may also use different versions.

For now not all of the country has adopted this technology but journalists expect the integration to increase down the line. Only time will tell whether all of these predictions come true over time as well. Many promises have been made but everyone is still a bit unsure about whether they will be delivered when everything is finished and the dust settles.

Part of all this focus comes from the idea that they will be left behind in the international market if they do not upgrade everything. That is not an entirely misplaced fear for many different reasons as well. However their lacking network quality in many sectors means they will have to upgrade much of their hardware as well.

This is a huge task that simply has to be done if the country wants to prosper in the future economy as well. Coupled with the fact that the natural environment is so unaccommodating the situation is very difficult for everyone involved who wants to install the additional infrastructure needed. However all of these changes are completely necessary for Australia to thrive. Technology advocates will be watching this situation for many years to come so that we can all learn from it.


Author: Walter McDaniel

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