Microsoft Reveals Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update and More

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 ImageConvergence 2015 was a massive event as it is every year. However the biggest reveal is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is getting yet another timely update. This is great news for anyone who uses this software already. They also let us know about several other plans for the future of the company which you may be interested in. So we’ll be going over all the facts for you today so that you can understand where we think that the company is going.

As we mentioned much of the information came from Convergence 2015 which was covered heavily in tech circles. However what was interesting about it is that Apple and Google were mentioned in a subtle manner. It looks like those will be the next targets for the company in their advertising campaign. While fighting with Apple is nothing new many are wondering whether Google competition will completely change how the company operates.

But what about Microsoft Dynamics CRM itself? Their cloud features will expand as well as additional compatibility with Azure. In fact the Azure collection of services is getting a huge upgrade in and of itself with the IoT Suite. This is really huge news for the company because it shows they will be focusing heavily the server-side architecture and networking in business as well. This could lead to a huge new project.

Microsoft Office 2016 will be coming out as well with additional tie-ins to Microsoft Dynamics and other products. This is of course a huge deal for anyone in pretty much any sort of business. It’s hard to find someone who does not use Office these days. However in-depth details are still being withheld for obvious reasons. They need to build up suspense for all of this somehow.

Donor management software is just one of the many areas which the company is seeking to expand upon. Once everything is finally in a full cloud we’ll see more uses than ever. The Microsoft Band is also slated to be a part of this. When many other companies are releasing data-tracking wristbands they will be doing the same. It will be exciting to see how all of this stacks up against the competition.

For those who use Skype heavily there is a new technical edition coming up as well with many more features than previous editions. Be sure to keep your eyes on that because it could become the go-to social communication platform for your business as a whole. We are curious as to whether the other parts of the MSD family will also get additions in this area, rather than just the CRM sector.

As a consumer all you need to do is know that some huge changes are coming up. Windows 10 is yet another one of these as well. In around a year the setup of the company is slated to change completely. The question is whether this will be good for business down the road. On that note our guess is as good as yours. New additions are always exciting though.

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